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ou don't know how you arrived here. What you remember of your past is foggy at best. All you know for certain now, is that you were chosen for a journey you didn't ask for. You arrive in Providence in a ruined keep on a hill. Here, you discover a single token of help: a Ring of Power. It calls to you, and brings out a power and potential you may not have known you ever had. There is an unknown force that threatens to consume this world. You have been tasked by a mysterious entity, only known as the 'Benefactor', to stop this force of destruction. But how you go about that is very much up to you.

Providence RP is a "people-with-powers" roleplay that focuses on exploring a chaotic world and making the unknown known. It is a world of imagination and strength of will, where belief and expectation play a major role in shaping reality itself.

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 Posted: Jan 29 2017, 10:37 PM

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appears 25 years old • Hermit • Played by PACER


Still. Quiet. Pacer has a habit of giving long thoughtful looks from behind her black frames. With pale flesh and simple lace-lined clothes flowing off her small frame, she’s occasionally mistaken for a specter haunting the foggy veiled thicket which she now calls home. She spends her days in quiet study, pouring over a mysterious stack of tomes found abandoned at the steps of her forest cottage. A heavy sadness hangs over her – a palpable melancholy tucked behind the raven fringe of her hair. She’s been known to take in travelers lost in the fog. She’ll feed them, offer a warm bed, but always send them on their way in the morn. These guests never seem to be able to navigate their way back.


Pacer’s ring is an old-fashioned silver pocket watch worn around her neck on a black ribbon. Its exposed clockwork and copper arms twitch, jar, and spin of their own accord when she is casting.
  • Halt
  • Pacer can “stop” time for a few minutes with a long, slow blink. This pause is imperceptible to others. During this time, Pacer cannot yet move or interact with anything physical. She is only able to reflect and observe the tableau of the world around her. When first dabbling with this ability, her outward appearance would fluctuate drastically in age.
  • Backtrack
  • Pacer can reverse the effects of time on a person within a seven second window by tracing a counter clockwise circle in the air. This may not seem like much, but it’s enough to move someone out of the path of a runaway train or send the bullet that cut through flesh and bone barreling backward in time and space. In dire circumstances, she might be able to press herself, but this always results in exhaustion. Occasionally when Pacer is overexerted, she’s unable to stop speaking backward.
  • Haste
  • She can increase the speed of individuals by tracing a clockwise circle on their chest. These subjects will feel their heart race with a surge of energy that must be maintained by her focus. Any damage to her person while channeling haste threatens to break it.

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