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ou don't know how you arrived here. What you remember of your past is foggy at best. All you know for certain now, is that you were chosen for a journey you didn't ask for. You arrive in Providence in a ruined keep on a hill. Here, you discover a single token of help: a Ring of Power. It calls to you, and brings out a power and potential you may not have known you ever had. There is an unknown force that threatens to consume this world. You have been tasked by a mysterious entity, only known as the 'Benefactor', to stop this force of destruction. But how you go about that is very much up to you.

Providence RP is a "people-with-powers" roleplay that focuses on exploring a chaotic world and making the unknown known. It is a world of imagination and strength of will, where belief and expectation play a major role in shaping reality itself.

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 [D] Alessia Aurielia, Done
 Posted: Jan 15 2017, 11:42 AM

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Alessia Aurielia

22 years old • Fallen Sister • Played by Gamerebels


5'6 and lean, Alessia awakened with shock and questions as she had been struck by the fact that she landed on wherever she is now. Being a believer of necessary evil, her sense of justice works like a luminous flame. Appearing indifferent a lot of times, she would make an effort to reach out when she think is right.

Sister infinitium

Worn around her right wrist as a form of bracelet, it would look like any accessory to those who only took a glance. For those other than the owner, giving attention to the bracelet for while will give them the illusion that there are a lot more false presence looking back at them. It grants Alessia the ability to manipulate those from her order that she had once bonded with who went on to the afterlife.
  • Sisters From Strife
  • Alessia pad on her left tasset and a coffin consisting of sister's body and their weapons appears behind her back. The dead sister will have the appearance of her prime during her life.
  • Sister Possession
  • Alessia holds the hand of the dead that she summoned for a short while and transfers her consciousness to the dead. Vice versa, if Alessia holds her own hand as the possessed, Her consciousness will return to her own body.
  • Crescent Kurse
  • A slain fighter of another world from Alessia who once she fought alongside with in a certain dimensional war. Dual Wielding a pair of magically piston powered javelin that send its thrusting force across the field in the thrusting direction, she met her end when she took a fully grown hydra down with her during a skirmish. Even with only her body left, she could still prove to be a force to reckon with.

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 Posted: Jan 21 2017, 04:50 AM

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