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ou don't know how you arrived here. What you remember of your past is foggy at best. All you know for certain now, is that you were chosen for a journey you didn't ask for. You arrive in Providence in a ruined keep on a hill. Here, you discover a single token of help: a Ring of Power. It calls to you, and brings out a power and potential you may not have known you ever had. There is an unknown force that threatens to consume this world. You have been tasked by a mysterious entity, only known as the 'Benefactor', to stop this force of destruction. But how you go about that is very much up to you.

Providence RP is a "people-with-powers" roleplay that focuses on exploring a chaotic world and making the unknown known. It is a world of imagination and strength of will, where belief and expectation play a major role in shaping reality itself.

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 Pine Needles on the Record, Character Theme Secret Santa // 2016
 Posted: Dec 1 2016, 10:25 AM

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Nobody knew who caused it, but there was a hole in the wall of the library, near the non-fiction book section. It was only big enough to fit two people through, if they squeezed through the narrow entrance. The hole's periphery was decorated with pine needles and twinkling lights, heralding festive cheer.

The hole's interior looked to be a hollowed out cave, with a vast collection of records, as though obsessively trying to fill out the room's negative space. The space was incredibly cold, and made staying inside for a long time uncomfortable. A gramophone stood in the centre of the grotto, illuminated by a crack in the foundation and an oil lamp that burned cosily. At most, only six people could stand in this room at a time at a time, before it became too crowded.

Those that first discovered this new space had figured out the trick to this room, and decided to turn it into a holiday activity. By the gramophone was a set of specific instructions:

When an even number of people (up to six) enter this room, they are prohibited from leaving. They will simply be unable to find the exit.

To exit, you must exchange music to suit the personality of another person. Only then can the exit appear. Afterwards, access to The Gramophone Room will disappear to you.

  • Like the post says, six characters can post within this thread at a time. Please specify in an OOC comment in your first post: 1. you have already have a partner planned, 2. if you don't mind who your partner is or 3. if you prefer someone new to RP with you.
  • Limit your interaction with your partner to 4 rounds or less. Brevity is key!
  • You can enter with as many characters as you wish, but once they have their theme chosen, they can't enter the room again.
  • Almost any kind of music can be chosen, though the choice of records would be dictated on the time periods of the characters within the room.
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skin by bonbon for providence only. Edits by Spook & Tamafry